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Preedy Clean

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Windows & Conservatories:

We use traditional methods of window cleaning, we feel being able to see the windows we clean means we can ensure your windows are spotless. Cleaning in this way also means we can clean inside and outside of your property without making any mess, damaging delicate window sills/frames and without wasting large amounts of water.


Using 6m poles we can reach any window you may have without any problems. If of course you would rather we used the long poles than ladders you only need to ask as we like to have all options available to our customers.


We also clean Facias, sofits and UPVC.

All our staff are fully insured and are well trained in health and safety to ensure their safety and the safety of the general public.

We clean both commercial and domestic properties, from small to large houses or shop fronts and pubs to nurseries and schools.

It is free for a quotation, just let us know a time we can visit and a full quotation can be given with no obligations. 

If you are happy with our price, you can either have it cleaned there and then (time permitting), or we can arrange your clean for another time. We always come at the specified time given, we never make our customers wait.

If you would like to be reminded that your windows are due for their next clean, you only have to ask. A phone call or SMS text alert can be provided free of charge

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What happens if it's raining?


We never work when it is raining as cleaning while it's raining leaves streaks, though we may work around the rain and come as soon as it stops or just before.  Due to the protective film left by our orange oil solution, your windows stay spot free even if it rains straight after we have been. If there should be any marks after we have completed the clean, as with all of our services, just let us know within 24 hours and we will come back and do it again for free.


How often will you clean my windows?


You can request any frequency you wish but we normally clean every 4,6 or 8 weeks. You can add in any other requirements you like such as only clean on a Monday or clean in the mornings only etc. We like to think we can be as flexible as is possible for our customers.


Preedy Clean

117 Whitemoor Rd, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2BQ